TurkeyForTreatment is an exclusive service package for treatment abroad operations within Turkey, offered to international patients by Remed Assistance.

TurkeyForTreatment program is designed to facilitate the Medical Tourism Patients from From all over the world who seek different medical travel options to Turkey.

In order to make medical treatment a pleasant experience, Remed Assistance guides the patient through the entire process by offering a Treatment Plan through its profound evaluation of leading healthcare facilities in Turkey equipped with the best standards of quality care, technological infrastructure and healthcare professionals.

Based on the assesment of the patient’s individual needs, plans and budget, Remed also arranges complete packages of meet & greet services, accommodation and translation services for a stress free medical travel to Turkey.

Our Services
For An Excellent Treatment
Experience In Turkey

Remed provides everything the patients may need from one single stop: advice for planning the health trip, tailor made package offers with treatment plan options, comprehensive complementary services and many more…

To ensure the satisfaction Remed will accompany the patient during the entire stay in Turkey. According to individual preferences Turkeyfortreatment package contains services such as:

1-Pre Travel Arrangements

Counselling and Advice for Your Treatment in Turkey

Individualized Treatment Plan with Options

Travel and Stay Arrangements in Turkey

Visa Arrangements

2-In Turkey

Second Medical Opinion

Personal Assistance

Translation Services

In City Transfers

Home Care Services

Air Ambulance

Complimentary Services

Remed Is The Right Partner in Turkey! Find Out Why?

For a high quality and stress-free experience in Turkey, Remed Assistance provides its clients with the guidance throughout the entire treatment process.

1 Profound Experience

Remed has vast multidisciplinary experience across the realm of healthcare services in Turkey since 1993. The total number of patients that Remed assisted in Turkey so far outreached 1 million from all over the world.

Due to this experience Remed can provide its clients with the best options while planning the treatment.

2 Exceptional Know How

Involving in thousands of different case stories for many years, from various medical treatment procedures and different international patients provided Remed with a unique know how both technical and medical vise. Remed foresees and takes necessary actions even before a complication arises during travel or treatment process.

3Extensive Network

Remed Assistance handles more than 100.000 medical files a year for international tourists for their regular assistance, repatriation, air ambulance and managed care needs. The medical facilities that qualify to be a part of Remed’s network have advanced infrastructure, state-of-the-art equipment and medical & surgical technologies. JCI accreditation is a priority for Remed while choosing a facility for its network.

4 Unique Cost Advantage

The volume of its operations and long term relationships that Remed has been maintaining for years in Turkey enables Remed Assistance to collaborate with the best hospitals and physicians in the country with special prices and exclusive diligence.

5Total Independence

TurkeyForTreatment is a totally independent service offered by Remed Assistance. As opposed to hospital representative agencies or marketing companies, Remed solely represents patients, medical travel consultants and/or payer bodies-institutions seeking various possibilities of medical travel programs in Turkey. For that reason patient’s interests is Remed’s top priority. When evaluating the needs and building up the treatment plan, Remed offers its clients the best possible options both by means of quality and cost among a large scale of availabilities.

6One Stop Shop with Integrated Solutions

Remed Assistance consists of various divisions that provides numerous services in different areas. This enables Remed to be a one stop shop for all the needs.
Remed Group incorporates:
-International Travel Agency which can include sightseeing and leisure options to boost patients’ and his relatives’ satisfaction during the treatment.
-Ticket and Visa Department which can solve flight and visa issues with special prices on behalf of the patient.
-Medical Department consisting of specialized physicians and nurses who can give medical opinion and consultation even before the decision about the treatment is given and guide the patient and his consultants to decide on the best options.
-7/24 Multilingual Call Centers at 2 locations in Turkey
-Extensive Transfer Network including vip minivans; rent a cars, private jets and air ambulances